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2008 USPHC

The Deep Freeze

The USPHC were blessed by the hockey gods with average tournament temperatures below zero. To most these temperatures would be a good reason settle up on the sofa with some comfort food, but that wasn't the case for 253 teams battling it out to grace themselves on the Golden Shovel or Silver Scoop. The temperature didn't slow the media coverage down either as over 638 stories were written about Minnesota's own event.

When the ice shavings settled and the bruises were account for the USPHC had champions in “Wright Home's Almost 40,” “Seasoned Skaters,” “Spirit of '78,” and “The Chiefs.” An exhibition game including Tom Chorske, Brad Bombardir, Darby Hendrickson, Gordie Roberts, Chris McAlpine, Garrett Smaagaard, Jake Fleming, Erik Wendell, Dan Woog and Brian Lawton prompted fans to cheer on these hockey heroes.

The Golden Shovel and Silver Scoop

It is well known in pond hockey lore that he who possesses the shovel possesses ultimate power over the game--without it the game is lost underneath layers of snow. Open Division teams compete to have their team name inscribed on a piece of pond hockey history: the Golden Shovel, while Rink Rat Division teams play to have their name etched into the Silver Scoop.

The Bill Wood Award

The Bill Wood MVP Sweater is awarded to the player who most embodies what it means to play pond hockey: teamwork, effort, skill and sportsmanship. The sweater memorializes Bill Wood, a true pond hockey legend. "Woody" was a pond hockey fixture whose skills on the ice were only overshadowed by his warm and generous personality.

Wright Homes Almost 40

Player State
Dave Shute Minnesota
Justin Brown Minnesota
Dave Bakken Minnesota
Dan Goff Minnesota
Curt Wright Minnesota
Ryan Gallitin Minnesota

The Whiskey Bandits

Player State
Matt Elsen Minnesota
Tim Olson Minnesota
Nick Hanrahan Minnesota
Dan Ibrahim Minnesota
Jamison Steinert Minnesota

Spirit of ’78

Player State
John Benziger Minnesota
Tom Bergman Minnesota
Andy Kannenberg Minnesota
Bill Tresham Illinois
John VanSiclen Minnesota
Frank Techar Toronto

Minnesota USA

Player State
Len Lilyholm Minnesota
Mike Powers Minnesota
Tom Younghans Minnesota
Mike Knoke Minnesota
Roger Moy Minnesota
Larry Herrboldt Minnesota

Carlstown Chiefs

Player State
Nick Brooke Minnesota
Grant Whitney Minnesota
Joshua Bobich Minnesota
Ryan Spencer Washington
Michael Mullins Iowa
Peter Johnson Minnesota
Keith Wolter Minnesota

The Golden Ophers

Player State
Matt Zurbey Minnesota
Ryan Johnsen Minnesota
Jeremy Stewart Minnesota
Pat Geiser Minnesota
Bo Munger Minnesota
Dan Score Minnesota
Jon Zurbey Minnesota

Seasoned Skaters

Player State
Jessica Warden Minnesota
Kathy Cordes Minnesota
Jean Daavettila Minnesota
Sue Ring-Jarvi Minnesota
Kyleen Stevens Minnesota
Nina Novitzki Minnesota

The Fighting Frogs

Player State
Sarma Pone Minnesota
Regina Buchika Minnesota
Lindsay Wild Minnesota
Tonya Allen Minnesota
Kris Wilke Minnesota
Sarah Master Minnesota