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2009 USPHC

The Deep Freeze (Round 2)

2009 marked another year with sub-zero temperatures and wind each day of the tournament!

253 teams and an average temperature of negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit made for another frigidly historic USPHC. Participants traveled from the United Kingdom, Canada, and 31 states across the country to compete on a chilly Lake Nokomis. Face masks and hand warmers were the norm.

The cold weather had the added bonus of contributing to the 20+ inches of ice on Lake Nokomis which gave us great safe ice for the thousands of players and spectators on the ice all weekend.

The Golden Shovel and Silver Scoop

It is well known in pond hockey lore that he who possesses the shovel possesses ultimate power over the game--without it the game is lost underneath layers of snow. Open Division teams compete to have their team name inscribed on a piece of pond hockey history: the Golden Shovel, while Rink Rat Division teams play to have their name etched into the Silver Scoop.

The Bill Wood Award

The Bill Wood MVP Sweater is awarded to the player who most embodies what it means to play pond hockey: teamwork, effort, skill and sportsmanship. The sweater memorializes Bill Wood, a true pond hockey legend. "Woody" was a pond hockey fixture whose skills on the ice were only overshadowed by his warm and generous personality.

Concord USA

Player State
Billy Hengen Minnesota
Sam Cornelius Minnesota
Peter Fitzgerald Minnesota
Justin Kapsen Minnesota
Geoff Kragness Minnesota
Jeff Yurecko Minnesota

Cold Hands

Erik Wendell
Pat O'leary
Ben Tharpe
Brett Peterson
David Barry
Darren Nauss


Player State
Wally Chapman Minnesota
Dan Brooks Minnesota
Phil Housley Minnesota
Randy Skarda Minnesota
Rich Farrell Minnesota
Mark Sagissor Minnesota


Player State
Mark Dittrich Minnesota
John James Minnesota
Steve Rosengren Minnesota
Tom Marin Minnesota
Ron Bogdanovich Georgia

Mpls. Moose

Player State
Todd Zejdlik Minnesota
Randy Zejdlik Minnesota
Roger Moy Minnesota
Dan Doshan Minnesota
Bob Sajavic Minnesota
John Christofferson Minnesota

St. Nix

Player State
Jack Doyle New York
Fred Erdman Vermont
Buzz Brown Massachusetts
Buzz Woodworth New Jersey
Tom Stillman Missouri

Golden Ophers

Player State
Matt Zurbey Minnesota
Bo Munger Minnesota
Ryan Johnsen Minnesota
Pat Geiser Minnesota
Jeremy Stewart Minnesota
Jon Zurbe Minnesota

Cougar Bait

Player State
Ben Welken Minnesota
Ben Boulay Minnesota
Chad Daniels Minnesota
Ben Storm Minnesota
Logan Wenzel Minnesota
Ross Stensrud Minnesota

Seasoned Skaters

Player State
Sue Ring-Jarvi Minnesota
Cathy Cordes Minnesota
Robin Marvin Minnesota
Jess Warden Minnesota
Jean Daavettilla Minnesota
Nina Novitzki Minnesota
Kyleen Stevens Minnesota


Player State
Sarah Master Minnesota
Jeannie Reardon Minnesota
Tonya Allen Minnesota
Regina Buchika Minnesota
Kris Wilkie Minnesota
Kate Anderson Minnesota