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Build an Official USPHC Pond Hockey Goal

What You'll Need

You probably have this stuff laying around the house, and if you don't, a quick trip to your local home improvement mega-mart will net you all the supplies you'll need. Lumber, 30-50 wood screws, a hand saw, along with a fully charged power screwdriver and you'll have your very own "official" U.S. Pond Hockey Championships goal and all the pond-cred you can handle.

Shopping List

  • power screwdriver
  • hand saw
  • 30-50 wood screws
  • (1) 1/2" – 72" x 12" sheet of plywood
  • (4) 72" 2x6 boards

Step 1. Build the Goal Frame

Nothing too crazy here– we're talking basic 2x6 construction.

  1. Start with a 72" 2x6 board
  2. Attach a 24" 2x6 board to each end as shown
  3. Reinforce both corners with 4" 2x6 board piece
  4. Attach the "crossbar" (1/2" – 72" x 12" sheet of plywood) across the top of the open end of the goal frame

Step 2. Build the "Goalie"

This is the guy that tries to come between your breakaway and sweet pond hockey glory! He may not be quick (or very mobile, for that matter), but he will stop all but the most perfect snipes, and is as unforgiving as your mother-in-law.

  1. Start with two 46" 2x6 boards
  2. Insert three 8.5" 2x6 boards in-between to create a reinforced box
  3. Admire the "goalie" you just created

Step 3. Attach the "Goalie" to the Crossbar

Here's where it all comes together.

  1. Center your "goalie" on the crossbar and screw that guy in place
  2. The openings on each side of the "goalie" should be about 12" wide

Step 4: Enjoy!

Your project is not complete until you load up your newly constructed master-piece, head to the pond with your buddies and plaster your new goal with a plethora of rubber biscuits. Wear those puck scuffs with pride.