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Love Letter from the Commish

By The Commissioner, 12/29/21, 12:00PM CST


Fam, What can I say? I'm so happy to be writing to you today. It's been almost two years since seeing your beautiful wind burned faces on the shores of Nokomis. I'm feeling nostalgia, I'm feeling hopeful, I'm feeling hockey. 

I woke up this morning to a text from my buddy Mikey (Almost Average) asking about how we're feeling with planning, so thought a note out to you all would be helpful.

First, let's get the covid part out of the way. We all are watching the news. None of us know what the omni-thing is going to do or what impact it'll have, so I'm not going to prognosticate on it. Let me say this, we are moving forward full-steam ahead to welcome all to Nokomis. Any protocols we have in place will be determined on the situation at hand when the weekends show up. You know what they COULD look like. Our goal is to have the event look familiar as the past. 

Second, Ice. It was like 50 degrees on Christmas Eve. Not ideal. But it's been plenty cold since then, and the forecast looks for solid ice making weather. For 9 years, I've stressed like crazy over ice..... it's not gripping me like the past. So there's that. 

Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on schedules. With the two weekends, Sunday will have some flexibility in schedules. If your division has wild card rounds, that means there are byes. There will always be benefits to having a bye, because I want to make sure you have something to work harder for in the pool rounds. Our goals are to have schedules for you by the Monday ahead of your weekend. Sometimes it's sooner. You need to be ready to play Friday morning. Nuff said. 

Last but not least, two years ago, after all hell broke loose and the world of events looked pretty bleak, our event management team, WOW Factor Sports, took full ownership of the USPHC to ensure that it had a forever home. For two years, the team has upgraded the rinks, been planning, and just generally been working their tails off to make sure this weekend happens. Jody and team have been unbelievable partners for more than a decade, and the USPHC wouldn't exist without them. She's the best boss a Commish could ask for. 

That's it for now. Will work on my predictions soon. I know those are very important. Gotta dust some cobwebs out of me brain.

To the pond - Commish