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Saturday Evening Musings

By Commissioner, 01/29/22, 8:15PM CST


Saturday night thoughts......

Well, it's almost here. The final day of the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. Championship Sunday is always my favorite. And while I have some more thoughts to be shared later, I thought a little Saturday evening post would be fun. And hey, who don't like some fun?

40+ Open:
I thought this was going to be a two team race. Not the case. While Wright Homes/Four Star is the #1 seed, and I wouldn't be surprised if they win it, but Tradition and Screeching DUDEFACE could both pull off a run. This could be a very fun, albeit physical, coupla games to crown a winner.

Almost Average ended up with the top seed and I still believe they'll make a run. RM Realty is a women's team in the Cedar who is raising eyebrows. Minnesota Inline Hockey is back in the mix, as are Frosty Beavers and Dangleberries. I'm sticking with my original prediction, Almost Average but things are going to be fun to watch as the 32 team bracket kicks off bright and early.

First, a note on the seeds. We did all crossover pools. With 32 teams, it's the only way. If things landed the right (or wrong) way, it could mean a team with a worse record than a 4-0 team could end up with the bye. That happened. We checked the math on everything a few times. 

Now, from that, what did we see this weekend? First, not sure anyone is playing better than Clam Lake Hacks. Some unfamiliar teams were also impressive in particular Plums Bar & Grill, Cedar Tone Painting,, and Linden Hills Dentistry. I wouldn't be surprised if any of these names made a run. 

My original pick, Andrea Arabanos had the schedule from hell, but won their pool. With their losses, I'm less confident in their championship pick. Familiar names RJ Ryan, Kemps, and Hendy Homes/Tail Gators all enter Sunday 4-0.

Guys, I'm not changing my pick. Can't do it, so many incredible teams. But, let's have some fun and pick a final four: Kemps, Clam Lake Hacks, LuLu, RJ Ryan. 

One thing is for certain. Tomorrow will be the best day of the year. See ya there.