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Highly Anticipated Update on 2024 USPHC

By Commissioner, 01/14/24, 3:00PM CST


Today is a decision day.

USPHC Players & Fans,

Happy almost opening day of Opening Weekend. This is always one of the greatest weeks of the year for me. I know that over the next 2 weeks, so many friendships will be rekindled, and our cups will overflow with gratitude for playing the game we love the way nature intended. 

This morning, as I learned that the famous Therapy Room (IYKYK) had been permanently closed, I was as happy as a pig in mud surrounded by -30-degree temps. But, what matters is what the temps will be like, 7 hours south of here, over the next week. So here’s where we are at.

Today is a decision day. At this point, we are confident with temperature forecasts over the next 5 days, and given our current status, we are comfortable deciding on Opening Weekend. We definitely avoided a severe headache with the (lack of) snowstorm that came through. Well, it went south. 

As of today, we are moving forward with Plan A on Opening Weekend, which is our complete and regular experience. 

So what could change that? 

The next 72 hours are important. We need to grow more ice, and by about this time on Wednesday, we will reassess any changes in plans. As ice becomes safe for our equipment, we’ll begin creating rinks. The temps are exactly what we need, and our optimism is on a two-week high right now... But we aren’t there yet. 

Our game schedule is being worked on. We hope to post a preliminary schedule tomorrow. Please know that we do our best to get the schedule to you, without changes for the future. Multiple things happen. Ultimately, you need to be ready to play first thing Friday morning, and through the entire time, we are going.

So, in recap:

Good: Forecast, Spirits, Optimism
Bad: Timing, Changes

Follow our socials for updates. If anything big comes up, we’ll let you know right away. Otherwise, hold tight, and we’ll share more on Wednesday. 

Our love of the cold is only eclipsed by our love for you all,