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Happy Thanksgiving Pond Hockey Fans!

By USPHC Office of the Commissioner, 11/26/14, 4:30PM CST


Just stepped out of the cold, and I’m reminded that it’s the beginning of the best time of the year. We’ve had our first spell of water hardening weather. Skates have been sharpened for the first time. Beards are starting to take their glorious shapes.

We're pumped to send out the first true update of the season. To say we're excited for the 10th Anniversary of the Labatt Blue U.S. Pond Hockey Championships would be an understatement.

Registration Update

We had a few sponsors let us know they weren’t going to use their reserved spots. Their loss is your gain. There are extremely limited spots for Rink Rat and Cedar divisions. All other divisions have openings. It’s the 10th Anniversary, don’t miss it!

Division Comparable Players/Team Guaranteed Championship Honor
Open Men's A/B Leagues 6 4 Games: Friday (2), Saturday (2) Sunday Golden Shovel
Cedar Men's C League 8 4 Games: Friday (2), Saturday (2) Sunday Silver Scoop
Rink Rat Men's D/E Leagues 8 3 Games: Saturday (2), Sunday (1) Sunday Silver Scoop
40+ Open Men's 40+ B/C/D Leagues 6 4 Games: Friday (2), Saturday (2) Sunday Golden Shovel
Women's Women 21+ 8 4 Games: Sunday (4) Sunday Golden Shovel


The host hotels are taking reservations now. There are shuttle services directly to Nokomis from the hotels, which pretty much rocks. We hung out with the bartender at the Courtyard during the Wild's playoff run, and he told us he cooks food around the clock for players. We’re guessing he’s embellishing a bit, but the Legends stay at the host hotel and you should to. Check out the host hotels here.

Volunteer with the Pond Crew

Join the Pond Crew! You’ll get a sweet hat and be able to tell everyone you made a difference at the USPHC! You’ll also get a commemorative badge that you can hang from the rearview mirror just like Mandy’s garter from prom. Join the Pond Crew here.


Did you know referees get paid $10/game? It's true. Sure many of them donate their pay to charity (this year the Dinomights) but we do pay our referees. If you want to ref this year, here's the sign up.