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Championship Sunday Qualifiers Announced

By USPHC Office of the Commissioner, 01/30/16, 5:15PM CST


After two days and hundreds of games, the top teams in the Open, Cedar and 40+ Divisions have been determined. Top teams are calculated by most points, ties in point total are broken by lowest total number of goals scored against followed by goals for.

The following teams within each division will be advancing:

Open Division - Top 8 (winner from each pool)

Quarter-final games start at 9:40am

  • Tail Gators - Winnwell    
  • Surge Cycling
  • RJ Ryan Construction    
  • InSports Foundation    
  • Lululemon    
  • Bombay's B Squad    
  • 10 Meter Radius    
  • Wright Homes/FHIT/BTM

Open Division Bracket ››

Cedar Division - Top 16 (winner from each pool)

First-round games start at 9:40am

  • Navin R Johnson and the Jerks
  • The Puppies    
  • paddys lads    
  • MasterBladers    
  • CCCP    
  • Evan Williams Single Barr    
  • Fallen Stars    
  • The Little Lebowski's    
  • Concrete Mitts    
  • Beauty Status Hockey Co.    
  • UNION Protein    
  • Extremely Average HC    
  • Canadian Tuxedos    
  • Isles North    
  • Concord USA    
  • The Mighty Drunk

Cedar Division Bracket ››

40+ Division - Top 2 (top two teams based on points)

Championship Game at 1:00pm

  • Tradition Mortgage    
  • Whatrulookinat?

40+ Division Championship Game ››

Other Championship Sunday qualifiers will be posted as follows:

Rink Rat Division - Top 32 (winner from each pool plus 14 wildcards)

The first playoff round starts at 10:30am.

  • Pond Scum    
  • Tiffany's Saws    
  • Puck Chubby    
  • Bad News Polar Bears    
  • LittleLebowski Urban Achi    
  • West Bank Whalers    
  • ASPIRING to Greatness    
  • Gorilla Ladders
  • Minnesota Inline Hockey    
  • Vanek! at the Disco
  • Whistle Tips    
  • Southside Goons
  • Rusty Twigs    
  • The Wolfpack
  • The Dekes of Hazard    
  • Stl Hosers
  • 7 Yankees and 1 Canuck    
  • Crappies
  • Wildmen    
  • Cougar Bait
  • Occupy Goal Crease    
  • Brew City Danglers
  • Blades    
  • Brit's Pub
  • Hartford Whalers    
  • Van Buren Boys
  • DCG    
  • No Regretzkies
  • Min-Aqua Bats    
  • Happyland Hockey
  • Lube-Tech Oilers    
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos

Rink Rat Division Bracket ››

Women's Division - Top 2 (top two teams based on points)

Championship game will be announced at 2:00pm Sunday. The game will be played at 2:40pm.

Women's Division Schedule and Standings ››

To all players and teams, thank you for an amazing Friday and Saturday of hockey... to the Sunday Qualifiers, congratulations! We'll see you tomorrow as you continue your quest for the Golden Shovel.

See you on the pond,

The USPHC Commissioner's Office