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2018 USPHC Update and Announcing New Sled Division

By Jim Dahline, 07/17/17, 12:00PM CDT


It seems like just yesterday that we were...... wait, who am I kidding. This warm weather is for the birds. I miss the cold. I miss the pond. I miss my beard.

Although, it is pretty sweet that we're talking about USPHC now. We've got a few things to update you all on, so here we go.


Registration opens on Wednesday at 10am Nokomis Time.  Eligible team captains have (or will really soon) been sent their reserved entry code. Be sure to use this ASAP since things are going to fill up quickly. With the 2016 tournament date move, and full registrations last year, spots are going to be at a premium for 2018. 


The Super Bowl is in Minneapolis the weekend after the 2018 USPHC. Hotels are going to be at a premium, and our host hotels have inventory for teams traveling in. Do not wait on hotels. They are going to fill, and even though we say that every year, getting inventory at our host hotels was not easy. They are also offered at regular prices. 


We have had sled exhibitions in the past, and it's a travesty that we haven't had a sled division. So this year, we're changing that. This is a first on the pond hockey circuit, and we're proud that USPHC will award the first Sled Championship in 2018. 


We are going to have some rule changes this year. Our goal is to improve the game, and minimize issues/arguments that always pop up since some peeps just can't keep themselves from controversy. Here's a few:

  • All team rosters in all divisions will be 8 players
  • All divisions will have at least 2 wild cards
  • No more center line requirement to score
  • First tie breaker is goals for

There are going to be a few more changes that we'll announce later... when we tighten things up.


We have heard loud and clear that some folks want an improved VIP experience. To that end, in addition to our regular VIP Locker Room tent, we will have a new Pond View VIP Deck with 10x10 spots for those who want a locker room viewing area right next to the pond. More on these beauties later as well.


Divisions are the same as last year although numbers are going to be a little different. The Cedar was too big last year and we want to Make the Open Great Again #MOGA. There were several of you top Cedar teams out there who said that you weren't playing in the Open (despite having an Open talent roster) due to the Open only having 6 players. Well, that's changed. With multiple wild cards as well, it's time to move up. (Also looking at some of you Rink Rat teams).

Well, that's it for now. If you got any questions, head over Twitter or shoot us an email.