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The 13th annual Labatt Blue U.S. Pond Hockey Championships (USPHC) Powered by SportsEngine will once again bring hockey the way nature intended it to Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, MN, January 24-28, 2018. The event brings thousands of players and fans together for an incredible weekend of fun and fierce competition.

We wanted to provide you with useful information to make your time at Labatt Blue U.S. Pond Hockey Championships valuable. It’s our mission to ensure you get all the support we can provide to help share the amazing stories made at Lake Nokomis.

Below is a high level / approximate schedule for the month of January so you can plan and and submit your requests.

Jan 8-12: Snow Removal

Jan 15-24: Rink Construction/Ice Smoothing

Jan 7-24: Tent Construction / Event Set-Up 

Jan 24: Youth Night on the Pond

Jan 25-28: 13th Annual Labatt Blue U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

A reminder, when referencing the USPHC:

Official Name - “Labatt Blue U.S. Pond Hockey Championships”

Twitter - or @uspondhockey

Facebook - or @USPondHockey

Instagram - or @USPondHockey

Website -



For All Other Questions Please Email:
Commissioner's Office

Getting to "The Pond"

USPHC at Lake Nokomis Park
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Map and Directions

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Media Contact

For media inquiries please contact:
Jim Dahline
Director of Marketing | US Pond Hockey Championships
Office: 612.230.2394

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