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2007 USPHC

The Sequel

With the USPHC being a smash hit in year one, the tourney was able to expand to include well over 200 teams within four divisions. The move to Lake Nokomis provided better ice and more room for snipers to flaunt their wrist shots. Over 900 games were played in three days of pure hockey celebration.

Tim Olsen was the proud winner of the first ever Bill Wood award, which honored hockey legend Bill Wood who unfortunately passed after the inaugural tournament. Through this award Bill will live on honoring a player that is able to have similar passion and generosity in the game of hockey.

The Golden Shovel and Silver Scoop

It is well known in pond hockey lore that he who possesses the shovel possesses ultimate power over the game--without it the game is lost underneath layers of snow. Open Division teams compete to have their team name inscribed on a piece of pond hockey history: the Golden Shovel, while Rink Rat Division teams play to have their name etched into the Silver Scoop.

The Bill Wood Award

The Bill Wood MVP Sweater is awarded to the player who most embodies what it means to play pond hockey: teamwork, effort, skill and sportsmanship. The sweater memorializes Bill Wood, a true pond hockey legend. "Woody" was a pond hockey fixture whose skills on the ice were only overshadowed by his warm and generous personality.

Whiskey Bandits

Player State
Jamison Steinert Minnesota
Rheese Carlson Minnesota
Joe Dustin Minnesota
Randy Gallatin Minnesota
Nick Hanrahan Minnesota
Nate Kotewa Minnesota

Kari Takko

Player State
Gordy Collins Minnesota
Steve Aronson Minnesota
Matt Caven Minnesota
Jake Heisler Minnesota


Player State
Randy Zejdlik Minnesota
Jon Christofferson Minnesota
Dan Doshan Minnesota
Dave Faulkner Minnesota
Roger Moy Minnesota
Todd Zejdlik Minnesota

The Minnesota Loons

Player State
Larry Herrboldt Minnesota
Dave Herbst Minnesota
Mike Knoke Minnesota

Perfect 10

Player State
- -
- -
- -
- -


Player State
James Rossman Minnesota
Chris Manlove Minnesota
Matt Mountain Minnesota
Jim Rossman Minnesota

Seasoned Skaters

Player State
Sue Ring-Jarvi Minnesota
Kathy Cordes Minnesota
Robin Marvin Minnesota
Linda Nowak Minnesota

Minx on Ice

Player State
Jeannie Reardon Minnesota
Maria Dennis Minnesota
Tonya Allen Minnesota
Gina Buchika Minnesota