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SportsEngine U.S. Pond Hockey Championships 40+ Rink Rat

40+ Rink Rat Division

(Compare to Men's 40+ C/D leagues)


The 40+ Rink Rat Division is for men and women age 40 and older who are still grinding it out, albeit a bit slower than before. These teams are guaranteed four games: two on Friday and two on Saturday. Teams hold up to 8 players with 4 players on the ice at a time. After two days of competitive play, 6 teams will advance to the Silver Scoop round on Sunday to compete to have their names inscribed in the Silver Scoop. 

6 teams - 1 pool - All teams will advance: The top team in the pool plus 5 wild cards (calculated by most points, ties in point total are broken by highest total number of goals scored followed by goal differential) will advance to Championship Sunday. 

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